My saree shopping trips to Chikpet are memorable! I love the hustle bustle of the tiny street. It’s an absolutely photographer ‘s delight! Old Bangalore thrives here and there is not a time where I have got brushed against or pawed or stared at – inspite of the Street being choc-o-bloc. Approach to some of the shops are so tiny that I have to walk sideways, making me wonder what happens if someone who is, ummm,.. Healthier, ahem comes along! ? This saree is one of the mass procured items at one such store – where I shop regularly. Early morning 10.00am saw us there already, with only a glass of oats for breakfast. Suddenly heavy hungry pangs strikes and were asking the store owner where we can get a bit to eat and he says, Don’t worry. And orders the most delicious, softest idlis with the spiciest coconut chutney all neatly packed and delivered. Absolutely delight full!! And a constant supply of masala chai kept us going…..

Continued shopping with renewed gusto. And after everything is done, we realized we have bought way too many and will look like the Kolkota saree fellows trying to lug the mootai home. While we were wondering what to do, store owner #1 has super idea. Don’t worry, I will deliver it home, you ladies continue to shop and enjoy the day. Ah! Talk about Customer Service!
Seen here wearing one of the loots from that day. A net saree with an attached border. Machine embroidery of course. Have worn it several times and it drapes wonderfully well!!

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