I named this saree as path breakers. This saree is in shiffon and has in three prints palllu has diferent prints with flowers and red is in upper and black blocks in a ash shade on body. It was pass on to me by my MIL as some one gifted her by mistake, may be it is was wraped in differently so that it can be sold easily. During wedding the sarees was purchased in bulk to offer the women among relatives who joins the wedding. So that way by MIL got it. So she cant wear this so gave it to me. Instantly I did not like this saree as I never wore such type of saree. By seeing it I though some lunatic man must have printed this. Is this called a saree? Someone wanted desperately wanted to change the saree look or some experiment which have gone wrong on this saree. So different thoughts has come to my mind. I dont feel like wearing this saree to work but the shade of red I like the most. So having fun with my son I thought the saree look may change its dullness to brightness. So here it is

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