Occasion: Karwachauth
This is a day fasting, no food, no water smile emoticon for the whole day till moon comes up in the sky. Generally practiced in North India by married women for the well-being of their respective husbands :):)
So, I chose to wear a very special saree, that my husband had purchased during our Jaipur-Pushkar trip last year.
Though Jaipur is not new for me, stayed 2 years in a university that is in the vicinityof approx. 70 Kms distance. But, it was my first visit to Pushkar, a place I found pretty nice. And visited the only temple in the world of Brahma, who is considered The Creator. I liked spending time around the Kund of the temple. I have experienced mostly the Kund/Ghats around religious place are serene and beautiful.
Coming back to the saree story, this saree was purchased in the Government store, a real small one in the premises of The Brahma temple at Pushkar.
This is my first silk saree that flows silky smooth, in blood red color and an incredible peacock feather print all over the saree, something that I’d never seen before, from small to large size. One example of large size is in the pallu that I’ve shown in one of the pics here. Mukaish work only on the feathers print on the saree add sparkling beauty on the saree.
I’d worn this saree on Diwali once and today wearing it second time.
I enjoyed everything about today, did not feel hungry actually whole day, attending puja with women all in their beautiful attire, son clicking my pics while i waited for my husband to return from work.
It was a tricky situation today to see if moon will come out first or my husband in sales, who also had an annual closure in his company smile emoticon
In middle of writing this, my husband called me excitedly in the balcony to show me the moon. I did my Puja and had water with some raisins. I prepared Kadi today to celebrate and have my 1st meal of the day.

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