My search for mera wala white and red pujo saree ended with this recent purchase 🙂

I came across this elegant handloom dhakai jamdani pure muslin saree at an exhibition. The lady at the stall had not kept this piece for sale; it was lying quietly in a corner as if waiting for me to come and claim it. Among all the dressy festive sarees on display, my eyes fell on this one and I asked for it. Turned out she had got 4 pieces on a special request for someone all the way from Dhaka, but this person had asked for just 3 so she had an extra one left. She planned to take the saree back with her as it was anyways not part of her items for the exhibition.

The saree felt even better than it looked. The fabric was the finest muslin, extra soft and extra smooth, made in Dhaka. Red, green and white patterns interweaving through it made it just what I was looking for 🙂
And so the deal was struck, and I happily “wore” my victory on Vijay Dashami / Dassera, over a family lunch. A sweet sixteen on the pact.