#69 I remember my 5th standard SUPW (Socially Useful Productive Work) period where we choose from activities like embroidery, knitting, gardening, fabric painting and other crafts and hobbies. Our school also introduced new form of activity that year which was Tie and Dye. Most of us choose to do this as it was new and interesting. Our art teacher told us that we will make a scarf with this technique. List of material was given to us and was expected to get it in our next class. I went to market with my mother and got all the stuff. I was super excited about my this class.
Technically, in bandhani we pluck the cloth with the fingernails into many tiny bindings that form a figurative design.I was unable to do this properly and one of my friend suggested to put one ”chana dana” (chick pea) inside the cloth and then tie it tightly with thread, rather then just plucking and tying it. Result will be same, she said.I did it this way and it looked neat.
There is one step in which after tying the cloth we have to dip it in the coloured boiling water so that the bandhani pattern is visible. We were advised to do this step at home and dry the cloth and bring it to school in next class. That was the day our work will be assessed and marks will be given accordingly.
After dipping it in boiling water and drying it, I brought the piece of cloth to school. Since everybody pinched and tie the cloth so when they streched it all the knots got opened automatically and beautiful designs were visible. When I tried doing it, my knots didn’t open. I went to the teacher for help. She gave me a mixed look of amusement and anger because there were channa inside the cloth and it got swelled and half cooked. It was impossible to open those knots. My scarf found a place in the dustbin. I barely managed to pass as I was assessed on the basis of my previous assignment.

But, whenever I look at my bandhani saree in the wardrobe, it reminds me of that helpless and naive me many years back and leaves me with a smile now. 🙂

I have only one bandhani saree which came as a gift from my mother many years ago. I got this kundan lace tucked on it to make it look more dressy.

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