This richly hued turquoise printed Tussar silk was a birthday gift from dear friends Anita and Jude and for years has remained a favorite of mine . It’s a dream to drape and falls so gracefully around you and simply does not crush at all !
One of those sarees with enough width a tall woman can wear it with total comfort .

Hullo Bangalore ! The city where the Saree Pact was born ,
Wore this a couple of days ago to dinner at the home of a Core Group leader of my patient support group and oh what an evening it was ! Full of music and dancing and food and fun and laughter !

It has been more than a year since my last visit to this city and from the minute I landed my volunteers from the support group began dropping in and since they know my Saree Pact friends here so well thanks to the Chai for Cancer Adda hosted by Anju and Ally there was great interest in which Saree would feature in the day’s story and there was no dearth of suggestions and once the Saree chosen and draped , no dearth of photographs taken and posed for .

So be prepared for many pictures making the most of the beautiful evening and the charming terrace of my Guest House .

And of course draping ourselves over the gorgeous Jaguar parked in the compound . What would i do without these absolutely joyously crazily loving mad caps in my life !!!

Day One in Bangalore ends with laughter and music !