Oh I got it. When I saw many charming ladies wearing 1000 buti sarees in the 100 saree pact, i felt that I should buy one such saree like this with having 1000 buti sari but i dont know that I am having it. This saree I purchased from Nalli Hyderabad as it is a south cotton saree. I am accompanied with a friend lalita at that time she liked it instantly and she told me to take it. I lost the blouse of this saree which is in black and all over the boti in the blouse too. But i found some blouse to match this saree. I liked mix and matching. Thankyou for the 100 saree pact. I wish I will make it 1000sareepact if I have 1000 sarees…but I dont know myself how many sarees I have but I will know through this pact.