56/100. Meet Taaraaksh. My nephew. Two times over. The three -month-old son of two of my bestest friends.

Taaru’s daddy is my teacher, friend, brother. Taaru’s mommy is my teacher, friend and sister as well. I don’t know if I am bua to Taaru or maasi to him. All I know is that he is brother to my son. And that I will always be there for him, be whatever he needs me to be, come what may.
Because, family is not only in the blood. It’s in the heart.

Ten stolen minutes between office and home were enough for a quick cuddle and an even quicker photoshoot because I just happened to be wearing a saree. Come to think of it, this green and maroon Narayanpet had been given to me by a branch of the family when my father-in-law passed away as a gesture of support. The gesture was just that – a ritual and a custom that stayed limited to that gesture. No worries there, that is but the way it is.

What is interesting is that the saree was given by family when we experienced a loss – as a token. But, it is being archived for the pact as a celebration of precious new life. And of friends who are actual family.

And in the meantime, Taaru baby completed three whole months! ?

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