A light cotton ikkat in white and grey with a lovely broad orange border at the bottom embroidered with a Paisley motif . The narrow border on the top and the narrower than usual Pallu gives the saree a nice , flowing and streamlined feel. I love that .

In Chandigarh for the day on the 22nd where along with the renowned PGI and its committed and illustrious physicians and our inspiring patient volunteers and advocates we had organised a meeting to commemorate 9/22 World CML Day .

This day was specially chosen by a Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia survivor himself from Canada a few years ago as it is the translocation of the Chromosomes 9 and 22 that causes this rare kind of Leukaemia.

Over 850 patients and caregivers attended the day long meeting where there was one on one interaction with each other and the treating physicians, sharing of testimonials and networking over a sumptuous lunch .

These meetings are extra special for me because I get to meet old and dear friends …my patients and their doctors with whom I have been working for so many years and who are truly my life’s breath .

Dr Pankaj – the love he inspires in his patients is such that a grandson is named after him and brought and shown to him proudly at the meeting .

Devendar – diagnosed five years ago, a photographer by profession who works long hours and still volunteers his free time for our meetings. What a tough time I had making him face the camera with me.

Aditya, caregiver to his mother who was diagnosed when he was maybe 10 years old and today makes her proud having passed his Bar exams and is a Lawyer . And my friend on FB ensuring we have a fun Selfie to post ,

Balbir from Amritsar ( who took me to the Golden Temple a few years ago) who teaches in a college and has not let a mere diagnosis of Leukaemia a dozen years ago come in the way of his work with his beloved students.

Ashu : Diagnosed when he was six and now a mischievous 12 year old enjoying his school and his favourite game of cricket with his buddies.

Blessed and humbled all over again