#63 Many of my friends and family know that I am doing the Saree Pact. So the conversation around sarees are bound to happen whenever we meet. One point of distress I have seen in my known circle is that many of them don’t know how to drape a saree. And even if they can, they need someone’s help to adjust the
pleats and pallu and a reasonable amount of time to drape it. One of my friends told me that she can’t wear a saree without eight to ten safety pins. I was appalled on hearing about eight to ten pins.My instant reaction was,”Please don’t put so many pins. Your saree will get damaged.”

One of my friends asked me, how much time do I take to drape a saree and with a blink of an eye I said, “If it is a silk or some similar fabric then not more than two mintues.” Everybody was surprised at my confidence.I wondered if I just boasted.I came home and immediately removed this pure silk mustard colour saree with simple weaving and timed myself as I draped it. Voila! It was 87 seconds.
My little photographer suggested that we should click a picture in the garden where I take my regular walks followed by brownies and Irish coffee at Prithvi Cafe.
Of course, why not!