Oh Snimer this post I planned and plotted ! Ever since I got Snimer on the Saree Pact I have wanted to do a picture with her but then I never came to Delhi after joining the pact not was I in Bombay when Snimer came there .

And I was so, so jealous whenever I saw pictures of you with some one or the other in the iconic LSR corridors !!
So this is my wish come true . But Pacters , even though I plotted and planned the post , both of us swear it simply is serendipity at its most serendipitous that our sarees are so , so beautifully coordinated

Mine is a shocking pink ( in case you did not notice it ) with a black and white border and pallu with a dramatic touch of green in some kind of sham Kota . I saw it and loved it and it feels like you have wrapped a soft fishing net around yourself . Snimer’s is , well, you have to wait for her post .

Snimer and I go back a long way indeed but it is during the last decade or so that we’ve picked up the threads of our college friendship and woven it into a nice pattern that is turning out to be so nice and satisfying to both of us .

Snimer is singlehandedly responsible for getting together thousands of LSR alumni together and made ELSA what it is today .

Cheers to you Snimer