Aug 30th

This saree is all about paying it forward.
I didnt think about it much but the comments from Mallika and Sanjiv made me think differently.
When I heard Mallika’s daughter was coming to Boston to study I asked her to come and visit us. I sent some information and deatils about Boston and local life.I know how hard it ts to go to new place, It was a new country for them. I was away in Canada the day they arrived otherwise I would have been a better help.
So when I came back I made sure we meet. A Fellow Saree Pact-er in town, How could I miss the chance.
We were just back from 8 days vacation, things were still off the track. Ashish offered to pick them up while I cook. we all had fun meal, felt we have known each other for ages. I went to drop them back and it would have ended there as a usual get together.
But the next day those comment were telling some other story. They were very very kind with their thank you notes.

I am a kind of woman who believes in paying it forward. in our 20 yrs life together we met and made some amazing friends. Our home is always filled with warmth and laughter of friends. I cannot express my gratitude in words. My parents are my rock star in taking care of invited or uninvited guests. Their house was always full of relatives. So it came naturally to me.
I don’t mind asking for help either because I feel thats how it works. some one else does it for you and do for someone else.That is the cycle of life. So having Mallika and Sanjiv over wasn’t a big deal. I just did it for a beautiful necklace and potli she got for me. It is a simple bhagalpuri bought from a site and the beautiful jewelry is from Mallika.

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