Sari #48

Last evening, we went to a beautiful exhibition of historical images and cameras, “Picturing a Century”, by Mahattas & Co. at IGNCA… Tucked away in a corner, was an old style studio recreated with old studio lights.. And the whole family got excited at this great photo op.. a feeling of being transported back to the last century…

Am wearing an indigo Ajrakh Mangalgiri sari that I picked up on my last trip to Bhuj – it was lying among the rejects in the artisan’s godown, the fabric almost falling apart.. something had gone wrong during the process that had eaten up the fabric in a few places, some of which I got fixed, though not visible due to the busy print. This is one sari that is so close to my heart just for the way it is and the way I found it. Would keep wearing it as much as I can.. this is my 5th outing in it.. And I love the feeling every time..

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