I am sure, the mothers amongst us have at least one saree that has borne the brunt of the body fluids of our babies!
This one is mine:-)

When my 1st born turned 1, my parents gifted this beautiful purple saree. It was a joyous occassion, and there was a special ceremony, the aayushahomam, performed for the well being of the baby. I had worn a traditional 9-yards saree. After everything was over, I was too tired to wear the new purple saree, and just changed into a salwar kameez.

A few days later we accompanied my MIL to meet some relatives. I wore this saree for the 1st time and got many compliments. On our way back, the cabbie was driving jerkily and my baby, who had been fed just before departure, Bbuurpped and barfed on the brand new saree!

That’s why I call this my Burple saree:-)

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