On the Rakshabandhan day my daughter and son decided to wear Red……the color of love!!
They were very excited since morning….i was busy in the kitchen to fulfill their demands…making this and that…..and an honest confession , I really don’t like this festival…eversince childhood.. because in families of Tripathi’s (Kanyakubj Brahmins ) of UP rakhi is celebrated on day of Rishpanchmi….that is 2 day after Hartalika teej…..so now you can imagine my haste ……so when I was a little girl I wanted to tie rakhi to bhaiya on the same day but as per the traditions I wasn’t allowed to…my little curious mind never accepted this fact…I mean like there shouldn’t be just one day to express your love to your siblings, it could be any time or anywhere ……..when I grew up I asked my mother thousand time to stop this but every time my dear mom refused and gave me ……one or other excuses of those useless rituals…..in my neighbourhood there were lots of festivities…my friends would talk about the gifts and money they had received…n my brother’s friends would show him their wrists filled right till their mid arm with sparkling and glittering rakhis….So yes we were unique in our way celebrating rakhi on a completely different day so I never bought my brother a proper rakhi…I just used to buy a simple thread (as a symbol of love) as he felt awkward wearing those beautiful ones as he thought he would be made fun of….so this festival has no good memories but a festival is a festival and is required to be celebrated with full zeal….
So at last moment even I decided to go red with my kids and show some celebration spirit…and took out this neglected red chiffon with golden mukesh work….so I wish this festival brings lot of joy and happiness in the life of all brothers and sisters and may their bond be immortal and their love echoes throughout eternity!!!! I love you bhiya….not today but….forever and always!!

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