6/100 A busy day it was, a birthday lunch of dear friend Monika, had a cake to make for her and fellow saree pacters decided to wear a saree. Am happy that I was able to motivate some of my girls to join the saree pact. As it’s still hot here in aurangabd so decided to wear chiffon saree which I had picked up during my visit to Delhi during nineties from vichitra saree in Connaught place. I love there design and colour pallet. This saree is in lovely combination of olive green and light yellow-orange.. Am not an accessory person but my semi precious green beads looked fab with the saree.Lunch was fabulous and cake was appreciated as well. So the day well spent with all my lovelies. Once again wishing Monika Modak Dass & Monisha Brahma a very happy birthday .

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