Post dated Jun14, 2015

There is always a first time, this is my first time holding the ‘pallu’ (the loose end of the saree) in this fashion. Though I learnt to drape saree since age of single digit, I always need at least one (safety) pin on the shoulder. The ‘pallu’ is so beautiful that I had to try and try for a good pose and have this photo clicked for the pact smile emoticon I learnt something new, learnt to be a bit more confident. I managed an eventful evening in that style well, for the first time.

This saree is a gift. Remember I shared the story, where my one dearest friend showed me four pieces of saree during a meeting in a railway station and I snatched them all? smile emoticon

It is a silk (may be this is called raw silk) piece, with some cross-stitches on the body of the saree. The portion in the pleats area and the ‘pallu’ are most artistic. Each saree makes me think, who created the art work, the color combination and how much effort must have gone in it. I have never come across people known to me, having exactly same pieces. How many weavers, or do we call them artists, are putting effort to bring proud smiles to each one of us here?

My goal was at least one drape per month. This is the sixth month of the year and I am on my eighth time drape. I had learnt from my daughter, to keep some goals in life, small. She says ‘You can then feel happy, more often.’ Children keep teaching you and turning you into a better human-being. Right?

Love to all, who are reading this post!