Post dated Jun10, 2015

Sharing my joy of the moment through this pact, because of this one precious picture from my old album where we are in sarees.

This friend today reconnected with us, a bunch of us (my school friends spread all over the globe). We have been searching for her for years. She was my last best friend from school days. My daughter had asked me once, how can I have so many best friends! It is a blessing and I have them all in my life smile emoticon

The picture is from 1990, a few days before we moved to two different cities for higher studies. We slowly lost touch. Only cost-effective way to stay in touch during those days was to write letters. Inter-city phone calls were way too expensive for students, and of course we still did not have internet. We reconnected a few hours ago, after 25 years. Thanks to technology, another blessing in our life now. Twenty five years of zero communication, and it still feels we are best friends – how amazing!

Memories came alive with one stroke. The lake behind us is one, where I had improved my swimming skills:-) The rustic way of growing up was fun.

I had draped a simple printed cotton saree on that day. I had gifted it to my mother by saving pocket money over several months. It was one of my favourite ones. I remember the cost, 45 Indian Rupees (that is half of an Euro). Moms and aunts wore such sarees for regular outings. After many washes, these sarees would look dull, then they were used as house wear. And then they were passed onto others who could not afford to buy a new one or used for stitching quilts for newborns. Life-cycle of these types of sarees were beautiful.

Ah, too many stories for now.

Long live all friendships 🙂