This is a silk-cotton saree that was gifted by my beautiful cousin at the munji of my nephew a few years ago. I had gone to Bangalore for the function as a surprise and was touched to receive this saree.

Now as far as the story goes, A Series of Unfortunate Events may be the best title. First of all, my cousin gave me and mom similar sarees – this and one in a mauve-purple combo. Despite my love of blue, I thought I had too many sarees in the colour so I told mom let’s exchange. Mom said she had too many blues as well and suggested we keep one each and wear them interchangeably. Since she lives 2 minutes from my place, this is a pretty feasible solution so i agreed. A few days later mom’s cousin from the US came visiting unexpectedly. Having nothing else on hand that was new, mom gifted her the mauve saree! So clearly this blue one had my name on it from the start!

Then today was a series of silly contretemps that had me and the husband in a bad mood and fratchety since the morning. He couldn’t find a single pair of socks, being uninformed that the socks in our house are all divorced and one of each pair has moved out. Then I couldnt find my laptop bag though I had only asked the kids to place it upstairs last night. Then I scolded my eldest for cleaning up our pet dog’s bout of bad stomach by throwing water all over the stairs and wetting my workout shoes – turned out it wasn’t him but our domestic help who had done that. By the time we reached the swimming pool it was past 7 and I need to head out of the water by 7:30 to make it to the gym on time so more grumping was done. Eventually made it through the swim and enroute to the gym when my help called to say that by accident, she had burned the blouse that matches this saree while ironing it. One of the few sarees that i like to wear with the matching blouse. Luckily I had stashed an old M&S Tshirt as a standby while packing that morning. So clearly not really meant to be matching sarees and blouses…or indeed wearing saree blouses with the sarees…anytime soon!

The necklace is from the peacock series by my talented friend who makes jewellery from paper. Blingy sunglasses from crazy 10sunglasspact with another crazy friend! Embarrassed expression in pic one because do not like posing for fotus…