One of the Saree attractions soon after I started participating in 100sareepact for me was Vimor Sarees displayed by Ramya, one of the most active participants of this Saree movement in Bangalore. I loved every Vimor Saree that she chose to wear for sharing her saree story. Beautiful colors, contrast and designs, everything summed perfectly for my kind of saree.
That made me connect with Vipra, one of the owners of Vimor Sarees in Bangalore and she was very responsive with my queries on types of sarees available, sharing my saree preferences with her, in terms of colors, contrast and types. I even referred to Vipra some of the sarees worn by Ramya, that I also wished to own. But, as the same colors and contrast were not available, I and Vipra kept in contact and I also gave her other color options, that I’d be interested to purchase from her.
Finally, after waiting for few months, thanks to Vipra for keeping the patience also, and helped me get two of Vimor Sarees, that I loved instantly.
One of them was blue and mustard combination in pure cotton, and other was something that was displayed even on Vimor FB page, the motif work had attracted me at the 1st sight itself, and I wanted that work so much that even when I have many red/maroon colors in my Saree collection, I agreed to purchase another one, but this one is with black checks with a touch of yellow and green colors at the border, these color combinations I did not have before, and the best part of this saree was the hand picked motif work by the saree weavers, and as Vipra told me that they have stopped making this Karnataka style saree, that actually is made of waste cotton and silk, and this makes the last piece available, I did not want to lose it, and ordered immediately. For someone like I, who prefers not to waste anything, be it food, clothes or just anything that can be re-used, concept of a saree made out of waste cotton and silk was very much appreciated. And the motif work for me was like a child to a mother, could not think of any other analogy at the moment 🙂
As I had a senior executive round table meeting coming up in 2 weeks time, I requested Vipra if the sarees can reach me before that, and she was very quick in getting them parceled and sent through our Indian Postal Service, which unexpectedly delivered it much earlier than expected, when I had complains of their no-service for the greeting cards I had sent several times before to my siblings overseas on various occasions of Diwali and New Year. But them delivering my sarees on time, made me re-keep my faith in their service 🙂
I was sure to wear the blue and mustard combination saree for the much awaited executive meeting in my work-place. As the time was less, I purchased a read made blouse in pale gold color, that looked like brighter grey. As I yet to learn to drape the saree on my own, I called for help to one of my friends, Monika and fixed a time early morning at her place, as she stays nearby, I rushed to her place after sending my son to school and Monika that day had to dress up two women at same time, one I and other her 5 years old girl 🙂
Thanks to her for helping me out also, when she had other things to look after also, like preparing breakfast/lunch for her family and get ready herself for work, as always, she came across as a friend in need, is a friend indeed.
And all this while, my husband was waiting for me downstairs and when he also had to start for his work early that day, he agreed to drop me to the venue of our round table meeting with one of our company’s senior most executives. Luckily, we did not face much traffic that day and I was 30 mins early than the meeting start time, that gave me good opportunity to meet the other few selected meeting invitees. As the dress code was business formal, I felt very comfortable and confident in my Indian dress, Saree. After being there for couple of hours, discussing various important aspects of company plans and our experience and ideas, had lunch with one of the hosts and other participants, attended few educational sessions on various booths in same venue. I was able to carry my saree well till the afternoon, when I returned home, picked my son from his school bus stop and left for Monika’s place to say Thank you to her, for all her efforts the same morning, that she was still able to do, in midst of her own busy start of the day with her family, the thought itself was so kind, that I had to go to meet her as soon as I could. Then we had gone out with our children and enjoyed icecreams in the Gurgaon heat.
We returned to her place, where I met another friend, Rashmi with her two daughters.
When their daughters were practicing their ballet dance with their dance teacher in the room, I, Rashmi and Monika came out in the balcony and Rashmi helped me in looking somewhat Ok after a tiring day and in getting a picture finally at the end of the day in that Saree, that came all the way from South India to North India via Indian Postal Service for my important meeting at work.
Thanks to all the women who are associated with my this saree story, Ramya, Vipra, Monika and Rashmi. And of course my dear husband for waiting till the saree was draped on me and to make me reach the meeting venue much before the time.