So my sixtieth is borrowed plumes . This lovely pink , grey and mauve Jute Silk is loaned to me by my sister Raji Muthukrishnan who is also in Seattle these days visiting with her son . To be honest it was loaned very specifically to be worn at upcoming Chai for Cancer Adda but you can understand why I could not wait and simply had to wear it . Yes , once again , the Saree to work .
And was I glad I wore a Saree to work today for I remembered I had to video record some reports and stuff in connection with Chai for Cancer USA and that was a good thing .
It was a beautiful day today and by late afternoon the sky a bright , deep blue with the whitest , fluffiest clouds ever . Everything outside was begging that we step out and do our next meeting on the go ; the brisk walk alongside a bike trail that would eventually take us to the historic Gas Works Park . It’s a beautiful stretch of a walkway with wild flowers and fruit growing in profusion and it was quite irresistible the urge to lean over and taste the succulent berries ever.
The Gasworks Park is strategically situated with a beautiful view of the city and of course the vast expanse of water. It used to be the sole source of power to Seattle and today , each and every structure has been allowed to remain the way it was . On the whole this Park has a charming atmosphere. My first visit to this unique park was years ago maybe on my third visit to the city . It was at twilight and I remember my friend Tom and I sitting on the slopes on a blanket waiting to see the lights begin to twinkle all around us as the sun set and darkness to set in! Today the Park was awash with the golden sunlight and the green of the grass , the blue of the sky reflected in the water and the brightly painted machines and pipes casting deep shadows … I think the pastel shades of the Saree kind of matched the color scheme of Nature and man’s handwork ! Thank you to my newest Saree Pact official photographers , my colleagues Josué Blanco and Ann Kim Novakowski