Off late I have started sensing, the saree stories of mine are becoming the fashion and cerebral connect with my existence…
Friends, colleagues, relatives are all getting involved in this crazy sareepact movement and sharing their feedbacks and advises.

30/100 of #100sareepact is a spontaneous story that depicts- a short trip, sea-shore, shells, accessories, wonderful feeling, happy moments…. all these through a single saree. 🙂
Uncanny enough, when the specific saree portrays an unusual design pattern that literally connects ‘bubbles of the sea’…

It was a lazy late afternoon, with moist breeze and pure air that had a twist of sea smell on the sea shore.
Though I wore shells as earrings, bangles…but no lady was selling ‘sea shells on the sea-shore’ from my childhood sea-lane!
Instead there were red crabs across the beach which were hiding now & then/ and quite a lot of freshly catches ….

In the course of escaping my city life for 2days, I ended up reaching to the shores of the sea and wore this colourful printed crepe. I paired my drape with a beautiful shell-earring that I picked up a week before from the busy streets of Kolkata.

The colouful butterfly of he ear-ring,reflected my free mind away from busy,chaotic city, holding the same colours with which the saree designs were created.
On reaching the sea shore, my excitement reached to a separate level,when I realized, my saree has actually got dissolved with the sea-theme abruptly.

Just check how the bubbles of sea reached and absorbed my saree design, as if these were destined to create the magical sea-memories through 30/100 moment of the #100sareepact stories of my life!

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