Kya karoon…somehow. .Challenges have a way of following me. ..even at this ”Age n Stage of my Life”..

My God. ..this ”Age n Stage ‘ ‘phrase is going to follow me all my life.. it’s become such a ”takia kalaam”.. wherever I go. ..people don’t forget to use it and rub it in 🙂 Am thinking of patenting it.. Must put it in my ‘To do’ list ..

One more thing. ..few women I know. .have been wondering if I go to some salon to get ready for various challenges… A sis in law of mine. ..even asked my mom in law… ”Sapna bhabhi ko tayaar karne koi aata hai kya ? My mom in law replied brilliantly, ” Sapna ko kahin jaane ki jaroorat nahin hai.. woh toh doosron ka make up bhi kar deti hai and tarah tarah ki Saree bhi pehna deti hai.. Barson.. se.. yeh sab kar rahi hai..”

Believe me. . I felt so so so nice. .
With mom in law’s faith in me over the past 30 years of my married life. .in any case.. as I keep saying again n again. .”All Talents are only God’s grace .. they surface from within. ..when ”He” thinks the timing is right” . ..

Have dressed myself for the Challenge given by my other group ”Teej Fiesta”.. ( Few of us women will be gathering to celebrate Teej on the 13th of August… in all our festive glory and spirit… You all are going to be seeing many pics n reading posts on that …)

Today’s Challenge being ”Wear red and bring out the ‘Ramp Diva’ in you”
Wearing a Saree …I made from a fulkari dupatta…which I bought from my trip to Amritsar.. first added georgette fabric to get the Saree length and then embellished it with a Kacchi mirror work… multi color border

#100SareePact with Ally Matthan n Anju Maudgal Kadam..

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