43/100 #100SareePact
My husband and I bought this White n Red Cotton Taant Saree from a huge huge shop (sales staff of six hundred ) in Kochi for just Rs 390.. 2 years back. .

Tried to drape the brand new saree today. . .too much kalaf in it. So was totally unable to make normal pleats (yes .even… I couldn’t:)

Then the saree talked to me . Begged me to drape it in the Bengali style. Was very very easy to drape. .Then the Saree told me how to accessorise it.. the Red Sindoor, the Big Red Bindi, the White n Red Bangles, the Chaabi ka Guccha, the Red lip stick..

Tayyar toh ho gayi.. as This ”Taant Saree” told me. . Jyaada hi ho gayi…shaayad 🙂

Problem. . Jaana..toh kahin tha hi nahin…
Shop par hi aana tha.

Staff was wondering. Could see it in their faces. . ” Why is Ma’am so dressed ..and that too in Fancy dress ”..

Had to give them a ”goli” that this ‘Bengali Drape” was for today’s Saree Challenge. .
Unse…Photos..joh.. khinchwaani thi na 🙂

Ab.. aap hi batayen.. kya kya karna padta hai. Sarees pehnne ke liye 🙂

Ally Matthan
Anju Maudgal Kadam

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