Day 30 ‪#‎100sareepact‬ Today is TEEJ, a festival celebrated during monsoon in Rajasthan and UP where married women pray Lord Shiva and Godess Parvati. On this day all women dress up like brides with new clothes, bangles, gather together, swing and have fun. Normally after marriage girls visit their mother s place and stay till Rakhshabandhan. On this day girls/women are loaded with gifts from their mothers and mother in laws like sarees , jwellery, green glass bangles, mehndi etc. In bangalore people hardly celebrate . But couple of times i have celebrated with my friends Sangita Gupta Poonam Garg Seema Ghosh Preeti Kansal Ritu Sinha Anjana Khare Kalpana Gupta which I will cherish all my life. My first TEEJ after marriage was within 15 days and my father wanted me to be in Delhi. But due to some reasons I couldnt go and he felt very bad. He told my mother thats the reason i didint want my daughters to marry outside Delhi ki TEEJ – Tyohaar par ghar nahin aa sakengi. I told him ok not this year , next year for sure i will come. But he was never there to see me. I lost him before TEEJ. Since then never felt like really celebrating by my own. Today I thought why not .. all inspiration and motivation from Padma Kumar. Wore one of my 27 bandhini, green glass bangles, bought Ghevar( A sweet specially for TEEJ ) , got mehndi done. I am also wearing pink bangles which my father got from Jaipur when I was 13… yes 13 yrs old . I still have them and they fit me. Saree style learnt from saree pact. HAPPY TEEJ to all my friends for their happy married life !!!

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