No number /100 13/07/2015
For who ever. ..this story interests. .

At this age and stage of their lives . .my in laws are very happy to see me in a saree everyday…. I owe. .this much to them. . To wear a Saree. . As often as possible. ..

Being a Sunday..yesterday. . I didn’t go out anywhere …so didn’t wear a Saree.. Daddy said, ”Tu ne Saree kyon nahin pehni… aaj? ”

Have been wearing Sarees regularly for this past 2 & half months…. so..He now .. (so cutely) … expects me to wear a Saree everyday. .

Flashback :-

In the year 1985… I got married at the young age of 19.. in a Huge traditional Saree wearing Joint Family… My Dadi Saas (Bhabho) & Dadaji …their five sons. .their respective daughter in laws.. and their children. . We all used to live together. .

I was the youngest daughter in law of Bhabho’s eldest son. .

So. .in our family of that time. . We were 9 ladies in the house. .. Bhabho… her 5 bahus (daughters in law)… and 3 bahus (grand daughters in law)
All of us wearing sarees all the time . morning …afternoon… evening …..night. ..

Then. . After a year of my marriage. .due to lack of adequate living father in laws family shifted. .

Now we were 6 of us. . 3 Saree wearing ladies. . My mom in law, my jethani & me. .

Being South Delhi there was a distinct culture shift in the dressing style now. …Sarees were considered ”So baniya” ”So..old fashioned” ”So down market”
etc. .
The rebel in me. .now wanted to conform to this change and not the traditional mode of dressing. ..

So. . I started gradually. .first to wear salwar kameez…then jeans..then skirts…then to long dresses. .to short dresses…

Initially ..there was a big problem. .then the whole family got used to it.. and along with me …everyone’s dressing style changed. ..gradually. .

Now.. Life has come a Full circle for me. Having Rediscovered the Elegance and grace of the Saree.. I want to wear it almost every day. ..

I have realised. .that this is what suits me the best. . Brings out the best in me. . Looks most elegant & sensuous on me…

Am not going to number my posts any more. . As it no longer makes sense to me. .

Will just enjoy and complete the #100SareePact and the #DelhiSareeChallenge
at my own pace. .

Otherwise …will keep posting pics when ever I wear A Saree… & have something to share with my Community of ”Saree Friends” & ”Saree Sisters”

With Ally Matthan Anju Maudgal

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