#23 #100sareepact
Nuapatana Khandua pata saree the perfect match for Odissi. Nuapatana is a small village in Orissa where these sarees are woven; Khandua is the name of the design which is identified with its temple border; pata means Silk cloth in Oriya!
It was a memorble day where I proudly draped this beautiful mustard yellow and red combination NKP saree, a precious gift from a very close friend, in the traditional Odissi costume combined it with the beautiful and intricate filigree ornaments and the immensely beautiful carved headgear! The Odissi dance poses were captured by Aniruddha of Mint magazine for an article. Hence a moment of fame but lifelong memory. Thanks Ally mathan and Anju Maudgal Kadam for an interesting memory through the #100sareepact_a moment of light and camera teamed with my passion Odissi and a saree ! Loved the moment! Time frozen!

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