A bottle green Ilkal Saree from Karnataka with a golden border and the typical Pallu that is the signature design of these richly hued cotton sarees. The Saree is not mine but from Jaya Pandey​’s wardrobe ; in Franklin Mass. Matches my mustard yellow blouse like a dream and even when crushed after a long late afternoon / early evening of being out on the beautiful streets of this peaceful town manages not to look crushed !!!!
Oh ok ok ok my Saree Pacters YES !!!! We are together, this Bombaywallah and that Bostonian who have actually broken barriers and boundaries of space and time and been brought together by the Saree Pact and the cause that drives Chai for Cancer …
If anyone had told me when I joined the 100 Saree Pact in late March of this year that I would become a part of a fraternity of like minded saree aficionados to such an extent that we would become friends and soul sisters I may just have pooh poohed it . I mean it’s a Social Media / virtual interaction with women from all over the world . What were the odds I would in July , be in one of those very women’s homes near Boston working at her dining table while she was making parathas and fish tikkas for lunch ?
What were the odds that when I launched Chai for Cancer in India in the summer of 2014 , I would be conducting the CFC USA Addas in different cities here ? And in the home of a Saree Pact friend? Someone I have never met before ?
I don’t know about the odds but there was nothing strange about what happened earlier today .
It seemed most natural for Jaya and me to be together , sharing our life stories and planning for the upcoming Adda and then wearing our ( her ) sarees and getting Ashish ? Another long suffering Saree Pact photographer husband to take pictures and then step out and paint the town of Franklin blue and green !!! The magic of the Universe at work