Me:- Soham(my son) ‚ let’s go.( We are off to ‘Grocery Shopping’ to Big Bazar. And my son likes to accompany me n help me in small things like grocery‚ tailor‚ shoes shopping etc.. I too love to involve him in all these things)
Soham( looking at me top to bottom) :- Hey you said we are going to Big Bazar!!! ( shocked face)
Me:- Of course! We are.
Soham:- ( puzzled face) But you are wearing a saree!!??? Are you going for any function!!!???
There we go. He too knows that I wear sarees only for functions or on special days.
My son mostly see me in casual /western formal wear/ kurti/ salwar suit. Hence this reaction.
I am wearing this simple n most comfortable cotton saree with the junk jewellery and my most favorite Fasttrack watch. Matching! Isn’t it!!?? smile emoticon
My sister Maithili Tamhankar n mother are accompanying for the grocery shopping too. There is going to be lot of chit chat n discussions and what not…. This is no less than a special day for me. So this saree!
Spending time with my 2 favorite ladies.
Oh I better carry my grocery list!
Yes I still make a list on a paper & don’t use my smartphone for all this. I like it this way!
Back to school from next week‚ so want to make sure everything is done & bought.
You have a wonderful day!
I better hurry up!
Today’s write for all the beautiful ladies Priyasha Aich Dutta Padma Nagaraj Vandana Jha Belitkar