Second saree in a day –
This saree is a tribute to the carpool mothers and dads.

This is also the second saree in a day.. After Pooja’s graduation I went for another party..

Ajey had a very tough 10th grade. Franklin High School was just not exciting enough for him, he wasn’t challenged enough and was very bored. So finally we found a new school for him. The only problem was it was 36 miles away from home. Drop off and pickup meant 150 miles drive.. EVERYDAY. It was a school perfect for him, a Math and Science school.The acceptance letter brought happiness and worries together. We accepted knowing we will have to do it “somehow”… how -we didn’t know.. Finally the orientation day came and when we got the list of accepted student, I just was looking for kids from our area. I don’t remember what else the Principal talked about; all I did was mapping all the addresses.

By the time orientation was done I had found my future carpool and great friends, 2 more families. I still remember that feeling – we can do it, we are not alone.

Over the summer we met couple of times over dinner, tea or wine and got to know each other. By the end of summer another kid joined.. And here we were total of four families – relieved, happy and excited for the new year..That fall we started a new journey with our kids. They spent 2 hour commuting every day and we took turns for drive. The next year one family dropped two more joined. I got to meet some great people. We all wanted to do more for carpool. someone’s excel skill took care of car pool calendar, someone organized, someone remembered the changes in schedule, someone was kind enough to take kids out for a treat after the term, someone hosted the carpool meetings, someone just offered emergency pickup and sometimes someone just held your hand when you are having tough time. I went to India relaxed knowing they will take care of drives.

I just cannot believe how things went smoothly. We all were worried parents, we didn’t know what to expect and how we will do it. Just knew our kids needed that. But I am so lucky to find the best of people in this journey whom I so proud to call my friends now.

It was a graduation party for one of the carpool kid and I thought a saree story would be the best way to thank my carpool friends..

Kristine, Kammy, Divya, Janet and Bronya and Mark.. Thank you.. thank you from bottom of my heart.. I would always remember.. Mass Academy existed in our life because of you guys. And we do need a carpool picture..
A black saree bought from chickpet with sister gang..It is easy to drape. a beautiful purse gifted by a thoughtful friend. earings and neckpiece are from an exibition in Boston.

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