So this would be my 54/100 saree post except that it’s a repeat of a repeat … This yellow Tussar features for the third time and I guess it is in such a commanding colour and design it can get away with it !
Special times with my good friends Manil and Larry here in Silver Spring , Maryland who have thrown open their home and hearts once again to me .. The last time I was here I sat in their porch and read the manuscript of Manil’s The Age of Shiva at one go … Manil Suri who I met first in 2001 when as Store Manager Crossword , I launched his history making first novel The Death of Vishnu . From then onwards this has been such a special friendship ; one I treasure and cherish so much . Through the years after The Death of Vishnu during which he wrote The Age of Shiva and the third masterpiece The City of Devi ( where I am so proud to be acknowledged ) Manil has been a friend and mentor and a sounding board ; the one person with whom I can be honest about by my reading choices and opinions and the one person with whom I comb the streets of Bombay on his periodic visits looking for the best fish places ! Here in their lovely home this holiday 4th of July weekend where Larry’s garden is in its final flowering flurry as summer sets in and under the Stars and Stripes he has has put up this yellow saree finds a lovely setting . And Larry insists on capturing more yellows in their home that reflect the saree’s hue as some friends come in for dinner last night . What a perfect weekend this is turning out to be with the sun shining on the garden as I write this after early morning showers. Dedicating this saree post to these two guys who treat me like precious porcelain and to a wonderful friendship of a dozen years and more