Now this is going to be a long one ! So I am here in New York City to support my lovely cousin Kamini and her dear husband Vijay as they host a Chai for Cancer Adda in their lovely home in Manhattan . Kamini’s parents , my dearly loved Uncle and Aunt are with them now and when Raja Ramakrishnan asked of me , so is it 52 or 53 now I was stumped . I said What , the year I was born ? Then Aunt Vasanta Ramakishnan tut tutted saying Viji !!! He is asking about your Saree Pact and he follows your post religiously !!! OMG ! I was so preoccupied with work and planning that I was totally in another frame of mind . But having my attention now , I was asked so which saree was I wearing for the Adda ? I said to him , Kunajappa ( Little Father) I have a green and a blue and immediately he said Wear the Green !!!
So here it is , this lovely Parrot Green Bengal silk with the exquisitely simple KANTHA embroidery in mustard and red and white making it into a work of art ! This saree is at least ten years old and a gift from Rajat Mazumder. Rajat Dada !!!! Hope you look at this and post wonderful comments all compliments ok? Dada , the more I wear this saree the more I love it and you ! People , meet Rajat Da who all of us call the Shakespeare of Friends of Max because of his wonderful felicity with words and his inimitable style of writing ! An inspiration to all of us , survivor and champion par excellence inspiring so many of us . The twinkle in his eyes is enough to set anyone’s troubles at ease . And why do I love Dada the most ? Because he calls me Amma too . He is 80+ to my 60+ ( no more towards disclosing our ages) and I am Amma to his Dada !
Just look at the serendipitous angle to my Uncle’s choice of the Green saree over the Blue !
Yesterday, the day of the Adda seemed to be THE day for causes . Special and super causes . That of the Gay Pride Parade in NYC and the Chai for Cancer USA at Kamini’s place .
And as I draped the saree I realised its colours complimented the rainbow colours that stood for Gay Pride and totally matched the Flag I had waved alongside hundreds lining 5th Avenue earlier in the morning braving the rain and the mist as the splendid Parade passed us .
As I stepped out in the afternoon all ready for the vAdda I grabbed the flag and had a more than happy young Turkish couple take pictures of me and the saree and the flag at where else but Times Square ! And the sun was out and the skies blue and was that an omen !!!
And as I headed towards Harlem and to the Adda and encountered many who complimented me on the saree i had to stop as this lovely young mother in sunshine yellow smiled her hello and said That’s a lovely green ! So here I was telling her about the Saree Pact and her shy young husband said let me take a picture !
And what joy to have Kamini bring out her own colourful Kantha out and Aunt Vasanta too looking so elegant in her printed silk !
In the midst of this there was also a yellow Leheria and then Nita Anand makes her entry in the dramatic Black Red and Gold gem of a saree..
So that’s my special NYC Saree story !!!