33/100. Monsoons. My plants are thriving – all shiny green and glossy. But, unfortunately, the monsoons seem to have worked unnecessary magic on the roots of my hair as well. I swear my hair is growing at a rate of a millimetre a day! Which means every day, I have more grey in my hair to match the grey, grey sky.

This day, the lazy part of me just reached out for an old favourite – a cream shirt with flowers in orangeish red and leaves in bright green. The pacter in me was thinking about draping a bright orange georgette saree with painterly scribbles in yellow and shades of moss. Because I am trying to wear my sarees differently, and because both garments had complementary colours, I decided to pair the two. I wore the shirt kind of like a jacket – with just the first two buttons done up. The combination just begged to be photographed with my plants, so the terrace it was.

But, when it came to going to office, I chickened out. I played safe and changed the shirt for the blouse that came with the saree.

As I rushed out of the house, couldn’t help thinking that if it wasn’t for the pact, it would probably have been the shirt that went to office with me, and the saree would have got the short shrift.

Come to think of it, I wouldn’t have had to make a choice at all. Because, the saree would not have been under consideration at all! The undeniable magic of the pact, this. Thank you once again, Ally Mathan and Anju Maudgal Kadam.

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