This is a very special moment for me. My first film’s Audio Launch in Hyderabad. I’m so passionate about this project because though I was the costume designer for the entire film–the team was so supportive and encouraging. I was involved in every part of this film-pre production, production & post. This film is almost like my first born.
I had another outfit planned for this event, but with the chaotic octopus-like life I’m leading now…I forgot to pack it. I was so absent-minded I tell you…really dotting my T’s and dashing my i’s.
And this is important right, so I couldnt compromise. Guess who came to my rescue….mum’s saree! Her happy saree in fact! From an older post of mine, remember?
So I got to styling it a little differently, put on my best foot forward and enjoyed my day!
The film is releasing on the 26th and I’m just so nervous and anxious and excited! Gosh

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