Day 54. Places I haven’t seen and may be never will, people I haven’t met in ages (some for more than a decade, some for a few years, some for a few months), people who are close to my heart, people without whom my life would be incomplete, people without whom I am incomplete. I got to meet them today, fleetingly. A special occasion indeed, one that demanded a special sari. My first very own hazaarbuti sari it was. A gift from Ma on Shasthi this year, she had been asking me when I would wear it but I had been waiting for an appropriate occasion. And what could be more befitting than such a special meeting? I could hear their laughter, smell the food cooked by them or the flowers in their garden, see them sitting faraway, yet close. All this through words, through borrowed eyes. At times, wistful… wondering if I would ever be with them. But mostly happy to bask in the borrowed warmth – greater than any gift (and there have been many), more treasured, more precious than any gem, sweeter than any chocolate.
All thanks to my Mamu and Mami (uncle and aunt) who are just back from a holiday after more than two months. They returned on Saturday. I had planned to go over during the weekend but couldn’t since I was working. Took my weekly off today and spent the day with them. Mangsho bhaat for lunch followed by adda = bliss.
Pink pearls with pink sari. Pearl strand was a wedding gift from an aunt. And the earrings and bangle were both gifted by my mother-in-law on separate occasions, to match the strand.
PS: I have a matching phone cover too ☺☺

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