I’ve had a really busy day at work, full of meetings and a shoot. This is when I slipped into the man’s cabin and whispered, “take a photo quickly”, while a client sat outside.

What to do ? Had to post saree #54 of the #100sareepact, no ?

A Sri Lankan saree in hues of reds, greys and a surprise blue on the pallu. Soft, Ceylon cotton, drapes like a linen saree. Paired it with a blue blouse that belongs to another saree very dear to me. No fall yet, because I am planning to be bold enough to try the Shri Lankan drape ( which adds a neat ten kilos to one’s frame. That is when the pallu becomes the front of the skirt as we wear it) ). Also, this has given me an impetus to look up saree wearing in other countries, and their textile origins and customs.

I don’t have a story yet, but the day has gone fabulously so far, so I’m thinking this was a good choice for today.

Maybe this will become my ” beat the Monday blues with kickass work saree “. Cannot wait to build more stories with it.

Thank you, Ally Matthan, for bringing me this gift.

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