Dialog between a #100sareepact-er and the tailor

You: I would like a blouse stitched with this material, please.
Tailor: Please choose the back-style you want for the blouse, Madam.

He hands you a stack of dog-eared, brightly-colored books. With names like Apsara, Elegant, Sonalini, etc. You flip through page upon glossy page of blouse backs.Some which look like the Eiffel tower, some which look painted on and some others that have more strings than many Philharmonic orchestras combined! You choose a simple design.

Tailor (with a frown): Ok, Madam, you have chosen that one. Hmm…

And he writes down Elegant Pg 5, Number 3156 in the measurement book, or at least that’s what you think (and hope) he does. And if you have any specific requirement, he squiggles that also down in a little diagram. Whew, mission accomplished, you think. He may even snip off a little triangle of the blouse material and staple it to your record in his book. It’s almost like a little symbol of hope there… your hope.

So you come back to pick up your tailored blouse in a few days, and how does the back look? Anything like the one you had chosen? Only if you are very very lucky, my fellow saree pacter, only if that little triangle of hope worked for you!

So here I am modeling blouse backs for sarees number 12, 13 and 14.

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