This gorgeous Tussar in a burnished silver – gold shot silk with a sort of temple border was bought in Bangalore and is more than five years old …it belongs to my sister in law who wore this for her son’s engagement and today I am here in Chicago to attend her daughter’s wedding later this week !
Teaming it with a black and gold blouse I decided to stick to silver accessories ..my usual silver bangles and the jhumkas from Amethyst in Madras gifted to me by Vyjayanthimala . That was a special day some five or 6 years ago when the lovely lady took me to Amethyst for the first time ; when it was still housed in the elegant palace of the Raja of Jaypur and bought me those beautiful earrings ..
And came home to Raji’s to meet our mother . One gracious and awesome lady is Vyjayanthimala whose friendship I cherish .
As the day dawned gloriously blue and gold today in Chicago my brother Bala and drop dead gorgeous sister in law Jai began preparations for the big day coming up .
A visit to the temple , some shopping at the Indian store , lunch at a favourite Mexican Restaurant , a visit with the excited happy couple and some mall hopping all in our sarees …
So much fun getting my brother to pose for the pictures and traipsing all over the place with Jai flaunting our, err her sarees and accepting hazaar compliments from random people for her Kota silk and my / her Tussar !!!

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