I had to start my travel from Gurgaon to one of company’s offices in Noida to attend meetings with two Women leaders of our company. And it was a beautiful start today at 5 am (Tuesday, June 16, 2015) with reddish orange light spreading across the sky at Sunrise.
After not so good experience of wrapping my 1st Saree of the pact with help from my dear husband, I got help from ‘someone more experienced’ this time, my help, whom we lovingly greet every morning with Ram Ram Amma. I was surprised to see that she wrapped the Saree on me in less than 5 mins. Then, my dear husband helped in capturing the moment when I was leaving from home at 7 am.
While parking my car at one of friend’s place nearby, as we planned to co-commute, I felt that Saree was getting really loose from my shoulder where I’d pinned to safeguard it. When I could not fix it after trying myself for few minutes, I noticed two Women crossing from there, who were on their morning walk. I could readily read in their compassionate eyes that they can help. So, I asked and Gayatri, who is on my right in the collage did it in no time, and I shared about #100sareepact, Maya, who is on my left in the collage had heard about it and briefed Gayatri about it. In no time, three Women connected over Saree discussion like old lost friends and they praised my Saree also. I promised to share the selfie with them taken at 7:30 am.
After spending couple of hours in office, I noticed that petticoat was becoming visible at my ankle area. So, I went to washroom to fix it, and again when I could not fix it myself, I saw another two Women there from facility team. One of them, who is sitting in the collage, fixed it very quickly.
It was a day well spent in Saree for the first time for 12 hours that included travel time of 4 hours, and it could only be possible with the support of other Women, who are always helpful in general. But, when it comes to fix Saree on a Woman, irrespective of knowing her or not knowing at all, they come to help even more quickly 🙂

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