A glorious summer morning in Houston with the red hibiscus glowing like red coals in the sunlight ! And Gauri’s lovely patio taking on a hundred golden hues . Brother in law Soundar her husband is now a well trained 100 Saree Pact photographer and captures the effect of light and shade beautifully as I show off the pallu of this Bengal Tussar Silk . The Tussar is simply not bothered by the heat and wears and breathes and drapes so well .
Soundar is not satisfied ; uff these saree pact photographers are becoming fussy and he wants me to get out into the garden so the butterflies flitting about there can say Hullo to the beauties in my saree ….. I guess he has a point !
And then we set off for the ‪#‎ChaiforCancer‬ Adda that the lovely Sonal Tilva Subramaniam was hosting in Sugar Land . This is one distant suburb of Houston and fondly called Gud Gaon by all given the number of Paisanos who live there .
Now what do I say about my cousin Robin and his lovely wife Sonal ? They were so eager to host this Adda and oh boy what a fabulous job they did of it .
Friends poured into their warm and welcoming , gracious home all day and well into the evening . Chai accompanied by Samosas and Jalebis , cookies and cakes and conversations and sharings interspersed with my own little talks on the work Max does and the needs of patients and caregivers ….we don’t know where the day went . Along with the innumerable cups of chai Sonal brewed , contributions towards the cause poured in .
What touched me most was that Sonal , inspired by the #100sareepact wore this most beautiful yellow printed silk which suited her so well and as she flitted about swiftly and silently attending to all her guests she seemed to look like a butterfly with gossamer wings herself .
Laughing happily at all the compliments she received she told us how it is surprising she even owned this saree now as her dear mother had insisted it would be a bad buy and she should absolutely desist . But Sonal persisted and listened to her heart and bought it nevertheless . And no regrets at all !!
And was she delighted to pose with some of the lovely ladies who were wearing the most maxing pact worthy sarees !!!!

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