Ok so I think the focus in this post is the bright red convertible that I have fallen in love with ! And my favorite yellow Tussar chosen just so it can complement the little red number … Stepping out to burn some rubber in already simmering Houston . And who pray does this hottie belong to ? Read on …. I met Gauri Dayal now a busy practicing family physician in Houston, first when she graduated in 1999 from Baylor College of Medicine. And my brother in law, with whom I was visiting, introduced her to me as his (hopefully) intended !!! Oh was he nervous poor Soundar … This nice Tam Brahm boy doing his best to impress the Lady Doctor ! Well his persuasive charm worked and she was his soon enough . Today they are happy and proud parents of 12 year old twins the lovely Sia and smart Keshav who melt my heart when they call me Viji Tayee ji . And that’s their back yard that the red convertible and I are posing in such great style !!!

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