Next in line, in solid colours, is this peach organza with a gold border, so subtle, it’s almost invisible. Photographer ran off to school in the morning and had to compromise on clicking this in the evening. Dog tired after a long day at work, she insisted on clicking pics saying I was looking beautiful and all my saree pact friends will miss my story, so had to smile and endure.. 🐱 This is my mom’s saree which she has given me as she no longer likes to wear organza. This was a gift from her mother for her birthday, a couple of decades ago. Teamed it with a gold sleeveless blouse. My daughter has already booked this saree for herself!! My grandma was a fiercely independent lady who was practical and great fun to be with. I was her favorite grand daughter and our disagreements were more than our agreements. She would sell jars of seasonal pickles and I was her delivery boy…. Err… Girl. I would hate it and would keep promising myself and her that one day I will make enough money to compensate her earnings through pickle making. I fulfilled the promise and can happily say that we painted the town red with our shopping and eating out jaunts. She had blind faith in me, my friends and my decisions and would not hear any nonsense about me from anyone. I miss her spirit and enthusiasm. I think I have inherited her pickle making skill. Just tasted the vadu maanga I made and it is awesome if I can say so myself.

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