This is the first saree I ever wore ; my first saree ever . 1967 . My parents got me this gorgeous yellow and rust Kanjeevaram for my sister Raji’s wedding . I was all of 15?
Oh how I loved the colour and the feel of the saree and felt wonderful wearing it . Hoping the young boy at the wedding on whom I had this massive crush thought I looked as wonderful as I felt ( now tell me which wedding any one attends as a fifteen year old dressed for the first time in a saree does not feature a young lad to have a crush on?)
So many years have gone by and the saree has not lost its lustre nor its colour nor its sheen … The yellow still is like sunshine and the rust like the colour of the kaavi on the temple walls and the Jarighai? Shining bright like the love my sister and her husband have showered on our family all these years . In exactly 14 days is their wedding anniversary . As I was organising my cupboard and sarees what with my upcoming trip I could not resist taking this beloved saree out and sharing it in our pact . The husband was only too willing to oblige and take the pictures ….

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