The Saree : an ikkat from Fab India : a soft cotton that feels like you have wrapped six yards of fluffy clouds around you . Smart checks and the black and turmeric yellow border adding that classic touch !
A birthday gift last year from Geeta Singh and Anuradha Ramanan smile emoticon

So this will be my last update from native shores till middle of August as I fly to North America in a couple of days . A wedding in the family , a week with the grandkids and then work , work , work with many Chai for Cancer Addas thrown in .
So it was a long day at work today tying up many loose ends , organising my desk and ticking off the items in my List of Things to do ; meetings in and outside office amongst them one with the Board Members of the Marrow Donor Registry of India where we had intense discussions on how to recruit willing donors ; and one with the son of a dear friend who wanted to talk about career options ( such a joy meeting this young man) and saying see you soon to another couple of good friends who make my days in Bombay complete …..not to mention the first one of the day with a man I respect and admire so much ; who heads the company that provides access to the drug , the magic bullet , to the thousands of patient under my care .
But finally this post is devoted to my favourite spots in my city that I will not see for a while and will miss dearly smile emoticon
The first glimpse I get of the city as I approach the Sea Link and then that most loved bit of the sea that hugs the shore outside my office with Haji Ali in the background to the sunset vista at Bandstand Bandra !!!
Ciao Bombay and please behave yourself in the Monsoon ok?

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