For our honeymoon we went to Coorg and there in the resort I saw cute ladies wearing a completely different style – The coorgie style. I was so impressed by the style, couldn’t figure out from where they start and how they clad it. I went to the receptionist slowly after a day and asked her how to wear this style of saree, she said she can teach me, if I have a saree. I dint have one so gave her a disappointed look. She said she will get her saree next day and teach me. She did it and I instantly fell in love with the style.
This style is worn by people who live in mountains so it is carefully designed so that they won’t trip on the pleat and fall while trekking. If you wear this style all through the day you need not adjust the pallu, pleat or anything at all.
I was waiting for an occasion to show case this knowledge. This style suits best if clad with the famous and soft Mysore silks.
It was my brother marriage so for every event in the wedding I was changing styles, Free pallu, stepped pallu, Gujarati and the lesser known style Coorgie. Everyone asked me how I learnt and admired the convenience in the style. The picture here was taken during the same occasion.
I am sure in many corners of this nation we have many more unique style of wearing saree. I hope we learn all those and keep them alive and give them the recognition it deserves.