I posted some time ago about sad memories. Many of you reached out to me and encouraged me to make new memories. I decided it was time to move on and have fun. So I did take out the Saree and wore if for May Saare Taare. Oh man, this saree made some wonderful memories. The host, Rekha and Mahesh celebrated my graduation that night with many of musical friends, many of those were witness of that bitter memory too. a friend wore a similar Saree, another friend sang the same song. but most of all I would remember how they all celebrated my happiness with me.. I am a very fortunate woman.
A simple black net saree I wore with same jewelary and bangles.Thank you Rekha and Mahesh for making my day extra special. Thank you Amitabha and Mouli for singing the song and Thank you Pranoti for being my Saree Sistah.. thankful to whole Saare Taare group..