Was looking for an opportunity this month for a saree day. A friend invited for dinner and there I was.

This is the third time I am draping this black favourite of mine, it was a gift from a dear friend (again) on my birthday in the year 2009. She took me to a shop, known to her, in Mumbai. The lady shop-owner started showing (by opening up all the folds) many sarees, I selected this one quickly and thought, we were done with shopping. Next my friend and the owner, asked me to try the saree on, in the trial room. I was amused and said that, I had never tried a saree on, in a shop ever and it was not needed. They insisted, I obliged. The owner got more sarees for me to try on.

My friend asked, did I not try my wedding sarees on, before buying them. I said, ‘No, I never gave it a thought ever!’

In the process of trials, my eyes got stuck to another couple of them …. did a quick calculation in my mind, one piece could be a gift from hubby and one from my dad:)

As we were making the payment, the owner requested me to come back to her when I would shop for my wedding. Aw, I had to say ‘Ok, will try to remember and come back during my daughter’s wedding!’

Imagine, what an experience my friend took me through 🙂