An old mustard and yellow Chanderi with a subtle red and gold border and mustard Pallu . I love the vertical stripes and the geometrical patterns which makes this a perfect ‘Conference on a Working Day ‘ Saree . By the end of the day it had gotten a little crumpled but then crumpled Chanderis have their charm too right ?
Day Two of the National Cancer Grid Meeting and representing the NGO sector with Vandana Gupta , meeting many oncologists one works with and session after session on various issues vital to our joint and effective functioning ; an impromptu ‪#‎ChaiforCancer‬ Adda where everyone donated with interest and enthusiasm . Almost three decades in cancer care and you may think I have seen it all ! Then you meet this young oncologist whose sheer energy and eagerness to learn and take back with him all that he can for his patients in the interiors simply astounds you !
Vaibhav I know I have a new and dear friend and peer in you now .
Then your own young colleague shows how in less than a couple of hours and with no notice , one can conduct a near perfect event that can raise thousands in a matter of 20 minutes as the exhausted doctors come out for a tea break AND look lovely and not hassled in her green and pink charming Saree .. Take a bow Kalyani.
I go back a long way with Tata Memorial Hospital . When I was deputed , in the early nineties, to help set up the Preventive Oncology Department, my years of experience in organising and conducting cancer detection camps in mills and factories came into good use and more than anything else , in that hallowed institution I learnt everything I know today about Cancer …working with some amazing and dedicated young surgeons two of whom are the Directors of the Institute today . They are both doctors I am so proud to have known and when one of them Dr Badwe , stopped by to do his bit for #ChaiforCancer I was so happy to introduce him to my young colleague , herself a caregiver to a survivor in her family . Seeing them interact was such a wonderful feeling . Good things and good work will always go on.

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