Orange & White silk piece is a 50:50 design patterned saree selected for my 9/100 #‎100sareepact‬
This is one of my impulse purchases, while window shopping through the streets of South Kolkata

Saree Story
The contrast design pattern, black border in the orange base & orange floral print in the white portion makes it vibrant.
There is nothing too special but it immediately appealed me for the attractive colour and the PRICE!
Yes the shop, opposite to my Montessori school was celebrating anniversary with an annual ‘SALE’. I simply loved the softness of this special silk.

The Moment/Occasion
While writing the saree moment I feel somehow my school is getting connected TWO much.

Firstly, the shop from where I bought this specific piece is from my school locality.
And recently, when I wore the saree for this saree pact in office, met and connected with a junior from my school!! 🙂

Sangbetta came for an assignment, while we had a candid chat relating the 50 years anniversary of our school; surprisingly we realized an unusual and a funny connect with our clothing that day.
Instantly the saree story of the day struck!

While I paired my saree with a contrast Kalamkari blouse, she wore her yellow-ochre Kurta with a dark print of Kalamkari salwar/dupatta!

Photographer was already there. Indeed we made a cheerful and spontaneous pose for #100sareepact!
This is for you Sangbetta, and the moment I label “Kalamakari-Kala Konnect” !!!! 🙂

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