It was a bright sunny morning and I was getting ready for my college. It was my first job, and was not used to wear sari and was getting irritated with the improper drapes. Suddenly my phone rang; it was my Mom’s voice, “How many times I have told you to send your pic? You don’t pay heed to what I say?..” She went on…Finally to pacify her I called my roommate and asked her to click a pic of mine. She asked why I need a photo early in the morning. (Note: Selfie was not yet popular that time)…I said Maa wants it to send for my marriage proposal. She was shocked, and screamed “You will click like this, without any makeup in your usual work-attire?” I replied, “I want to get married to a person who likes me like this…WITHOUT MAKE-UP”. Finally the pic was clicked and sent to the grooms place for the alliance.

Few months from this on a bright moon-lit evening, I was listening to my favorite SRK numbers and Maa called up…. “They said you are very simple.” I had a mixed feeling….firstly- Thank God few more days of ‘Bachelorhood’…secondly- Guys like interesting females, not a simple ones like me…My mother continued, “And they appreciated that you have send a simple photo without any makeup…..His name is Rahul and he wants to meet you.”

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